Monday, 2 September 2013

(Graphic Pixs)Man Digs Up corpse from its grave and sleeps with it

According to the info I got, these photos are from Korea. A necrophiliac dug up somebody else’s wife who had recently passed away and fucked her right there in the graveyard. He must have fancied the woman while she was alive but never got around to fucking her.

The first (and only) opportunity presented itself after she had died. He must have known somehow that in this particular grave there will be a corpse of a young female who has only been dead for a few days so her snatch will still be fleshy (as opposed to dried up or gooey with maggoty fluids).

Necrophilia sounds like a lot of work for too little in return – unless your chosen corpse was buried in a shallow grave, you’re faced with a few hours of hard toil just to dig her up.

You quite possibly have to do it at night with no artificial light while constantly checking over your shoulder and responding to every sound to make sure nobody catches you before you get off. That would suck if you got discovered after an hour of digging with all that sperm still in your nuts.

However if you can get past all the digging, then it’s pure pleasure. Women these days are as good in bed as dead so it’s not gonna feel any different than with a live girl, save body temperature. And you’ll be spared all the nagging and whining.

That Korean guy was onto something with this one…

Gallery of photos of a deceased woman who had been subjected to necrophilia below

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