Sunday, 16 December 2012

Adam Lanza Shot Himself As 1st Responders Closed In, Gov. Dannel Malloy Says

The gunman in the Connecticut shooting rampage committed suicide as first responders closed in, the governor said Sunday, raising the specter that Adam Lanza had planned an even more gruesome massacre and was stopped short.

Lanza blasted his way into the building and used a high-power rifle to kill 20 children and 6 adults, including the principal who tried to stop him, authorities said.

As President Barack Obama prepared a visit and churches opened their doors to comfort a grieving town Sunday, federal agents fanned out to dozens of gun stores and shooting ranges across Connecticut, chasing leads they hoped would cast light on Lanza's life.

Among the questions: Why did his mother, a well-to-do suburban divorcee, keep a cache of high-power weapons in the house? What experience did Lanza have with those guns? And, above all, what set him on a path to go classroom-by-classroom, massacring 6- and 7-year-olds?

Friday, 14 December 2012

27 people dead including 20 children after 'student's father' opened fire at Connecticut elementary school

At least 27 people are dead - including more than a dozen children - after a gunman who is believed to be a student's father opened fire today at an elementary school in Connecticut.
Police were dispatched to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown after they received reports of shots being fired by a gunman in the main office of the school at 9.41am.

There are preliminary reports a student's father, who is believed to be 20-years-old and from New Jersey, was the shooter. He was killed at the scene though it is unclear if he shot himself or was brought down by an officer.
Earlier reports of a second shooter are still unconfirmed.
Terrified parents rushed to the school desperately trying to reach their children as hundreds of officers swarmed over the school.
The shooting is the latest in a series of high-profile gun crimes in American schools and colleges, that is especially shocking given the age of the students involved.

Speaking with MSNBC, one mother said she had heard the principal had been shot dead.
'The principal was killed and some other people were shot,' the unidentified woman said outside the school.
Her daughter added: 'Miss Martin closed the door and we went into the corner', before the gunman let out 'lots of shots'.
Dawn Hochsprung, 47, has been the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary school since July 2010.


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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Four Igbo Commercial Bus Robbers Who Drug And Rob Victims Arrested In Lagos

Four months after the murder of a post-graduate student of Nassarawa State University, Cynthia Osokogu by four men, five suspects have been arrested in Lagos for drugging and robbing commercial bus passengers at various points in the metropolis.

The suspects, Chibuike Mbakwe, Tochukwu Eze, Ifeanyi Okeke, Chidi Eze and Okechukwu Mbakwe are said to be members of a syndicate that specialises in robbing unsuspecting passengers in commercial buses by offering them sachet water laced with sedatives.

Last Tuesday, Chibuike, Eze and Okeke boarded a commercial bus in company with four others in the Ikeja area and headed for Yaba. Unknown to them, it was in the same bus that they robbed a sedated passenger the previous week.

Also, they were unaware that the driver of the vehicle had reported the incident to the Sabo Police Division and he had been advised to watch out for a future occurrence.
Little did this driver know that fate would bring the same group of robbers into his bus again.

CRIME DIGEST gathered that the leader of the gang, a 30-year-old suspect known simply as Chioma, is currently on the run. Usually, his method is well rehearsed. He would sit close to his victim and beckon on another member of the gang who pretends to hawk sachet water by the roadside.

Chioma would then purchase a sachet of water with N20 and ask for a balance of N10. When the hawker hesitates, Chioma would buy another sachet and offer it to his victim on the pretext of not wanting to forfeit the balance. Naturally unaware that it had been tampered with, the victim would accept the offer and drink the water. Everything happens within a few minutes.

As expected, after about 10 minutes or so, the victim becomes drowsy and eventually falls asleep. Everything of value in the possession of the victim is then stolen by Chioma who later alights from the bus before its final destination. In an interview with CRIME DIGEST, the suspects said the effects of the sedatives usually wore off after three hours.

Describing how he got involved with the gang, Chibuike said, The leader of our group is Chioma. I met him in Alaba market in 2011. At the time, I was trading in phone accessories. After we became friends, he told me how he was able to rob people by sedating them. Eventually he convinced me to abandon my trade and join his gang.

Chioma always picked his victims. I dont know how he chooses them. All I did with the rest members of the gang was to gang around the bus park with him and board the same bus with him. This will enable the bus to fill up faster and our presence close to Chioma also provides cover for his activities.

I have no idea how the sachet water is laced with sedatives. A full bag, except one sachet of water is usually laced with sedatives and packaged before it is brought to the park.
Unfortunately, he was unable to identify what substance was mixed with the pure water.

Okeke was identified as the hawker in the gang. Only last year, he had returned to Lagos from his hometown in Anambra State. He said, After I returned to Lagos, I worked with some drivers who smuggled rice and other items from the Seme border into Lagos as a bus conductor. On our way back to Seme, we would pick up passengers. About a month ago, Chioma and his gang boarded the vehicle conveying me.

While we were on our way to Seme, I noticed Chioma carefully searching his victims pockets and stealing their money. I was surprised and wanted to raise the alarm, but he silently pleaded with me not to talk. He took my phone number and promised to settle me.

When we met a few days later, he gave me N500 and persuaded me to join his gang. He said it was a lucrative venture. I believed him and abandoned my job. Yet, all I got in the month I worked with him was N8,000 and two Visa brand cell phones. I was making far less than what I earned while on the Seme route. I believe Chioma was cheating me.

Before every outing, Chioma would meet me somewhere and give me a bag of sedated pure water to carry. I would then accompany the group to the motor park of their choice and hang around any bus they board until Chioma calls on me, Okeke said.

However, Chidi denied his involvement with the group. I admit that I was once involved in this trade. But since I returned from Kirikiri prison a few months ago, I have gone back to selling phone accessories. I dont play this trick anymore. It was on Tuesday evening that I learned from Okechukwu through a phone call that my brother had been arrested by the police, but I didnt bother because I had earlier warned Tochukwu of the consequences of his actions.

I was surprised when in the early hours of Wednesday morning; some SARS operatives came into my compound with Tochukwu and Chibuike. They had come to arrest me.

The Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Mr. Umaru Manko, confirmed the arrests, adding that the gang was apprehended by members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers in Ikeja. He said, They were about seven in number at the time and had boarded a bus which unknown to them, they had boarded the week before.

The driver was already on the lookout for them, but it was the conductor who noticed that the same group of persons had boarded the bus before. When he raised the alarm, other members of the NURTW present at the scene tried to round them up. The prime suspect, Chioma, fled with three others. Efforts are being made to track them down.

Although Chidi and Okechukwu were not present at the scene, they have been identified as members of another group involved in the same crime. When Chibuike came to stay with his elder brother, Okechukwu admitted taking Chibuike along for a bus ride to CMS with another colleague, Goddy.

Goddy had tutored Okechuwku in the trade at Cotonou where he formerly resided. Chibuike watched as his brother and Goddy practiced their art on their unsuspecting victim and coming away with a laptop and phone.

Both Chidi and Okechukwu have been previously arrested, tried and remanded in prison for this same offence. While Chidi had served time at Kirikiri prison, Okechukwu served time at Ibarra prison. All suspects will be charged to court at the conclusion of our investigation.

Source: Punch Nigeria

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

[Pictures] Man Caught On Camera Carrying The Corpse Of 15-Month-Old Girl He Sexually Abused

Cradled in his arms, Barry McCarney is caught on CCTV desperately trying to bring his girlfriend's dying daughter back to life.

But the haunting footage, captured in Erne Hospital, in Northern Ireland, disguises the horrific reality of what has just happened.

McCarney is no desperate father giving the kiss of life to his 15-month-old step-child. Instead, he is the perverted monster who abused Millie Martin so badly that she died of her injuries.

Yesterday, a judge sitting at Dungannon Crown Court branded the 33-year-old's crimes despicable. He described the December 2009 murder as 'almost beyond understanding.'

McCarney, from County Tyrone, met Millie's mother Rachael Martin just three months before the little girl's death.

He quickly eased his way into the family home in Enniskillen which allowed him access to Millie.

During a ten-week trial, the court heard how he had physically and sexually abused the toddler until she was left with a number of fatal injuries, including the head wound that killed her.

pathologist found that Millie had suffered 21 cracked ribs, seven of which were old, while the rest had happened in the ten days before her death.

Multiple bruises were also found on the youngster's body along with a clearly visible oval shaped bump on her forehead.

During the post-mortem examination, the pathologist found injuries to her abdomen caused by punching or prodding which would also have been fatal.

Millie had also been sexually assaulted.The prosecution described the attacks on her as vile and sadistic.

McCarney blamed Millie's mother Rachael, claiming at trial that she had inflicted the injuries on her own daughter and that he was sickened by her death.

Speaking only through his barrister, he alleged that Ms Martin did not want social services involved because she had done these 'terrible things' herself.

But in a case with no forensic evidence to suggest who inflicted Millie's injuries, the jury rejected McCarney's claims and accepted that Ms Martin had unwittingly let a monster into her home, taking just three hours to reach a unanimous verdict.

He was found guilty of murder, sexual assault and causing grievous bodily harm.

Ms Martin sobbed as she was cleared of allowing her daughter's death through willful neglect. She was heard to say that justice had been done for her daughter.

McCarney's relatives shouted 'innocent' as they left the courtroom. Meanwhile Ms Martin's family issued a statement saying the family would now be able to grieve properly as a result of the verdict.

They described the last three years as a 'waking nightmare' and described McCarney as a 'disgusting individual'.

They also questioned why Ms Martin was ever prosecuted in the first place.

Her brother, Matthew, speaking on behalf of the family said the police decision to prosecute her was 'shocking' at a time when she should have been left to grieve for Baby Millie.

McCarney will be sentenced in the New Year.

Neil Anderson, head of the NSPCC, said Millie will be remembered as the victim of 'one of the most horrific cases of child abuse Northern Ireland has ever seen'.

He added: 'One clear message from this deeply disturbing case is the need for vigilance among healthcare professionals, family, friends, neighbours and the community as a whole.

'It is vitally important that everyone who has a role in working with and caring for children is aware of the signs of abuse. It is also essential that having recognised the signs of abuse that appropriate and timely action is taken.'

Source: Dailymail

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Chick Bank Robber,' Arrested For Heist After Posting To YouTube

A Nebraska teen allegedly celebrated her bank robbery on YouTube, flashing money and what appears to be drugs in a video powered by Green Day music.

Hannah Sabata, 19, was arrested last week after she allegedly stole a car and held up a Waco bank, the York New-Times reports.

In the YouTube video, titled "Chick bank robber," Sabata uses captions and a large notepad to gloat about stealing a "shiny new" Pontiac Grand Am. She states she robbed a bank "with a gun, a pillow case, and a note."

Authorities say that Sabata entered the Cornerstone Bank in Waco on Nov. 29 and handed tellers a slip of paper that read, "You are being robbed! NO ALARMS OR LOCKS OR PHONES or INK BAGS! I have a loaded gun. You have 2 minutes," NTV reports.

She claims she stole $6,256.

Monday, 3 December 2012

How 27-year-old lady was raped in her sleep by her boyfriend for two years

A terrified woman has revealed her disgust at discovering her boyfriend of two years had repeatedly raped her while she slept.

Naomi Hampson, 27, only found out she had regularly fallen victim to sick Robert Fryer when police raided the couple’s Nottingham home – and said her life was ‘shattered into thousands of tiny pieces’.

Her perverted boyfriend would sedate her and often paint her nails and dress her in jewellery before taking photographs of his revolting acts and saving them on his computer.

Miss Hampson said: ‘I’m disgusted when I think about what he did. It makes me feel dirty and completely violated. Not remembering anything makes it worse.

‘It is so sinister all that time I was living with someone capable of that. He has no emotion. He is evil. And if the police hadn’t found out I could have still been living with him. It’s terrifying.’

He admitted raping Miss Hampson three times between 2008 and 2011. He also pleaded guilty to a separate charge of sexual activity without consent and was jailed for eight years.

The couple moved in together in Nottingham, having met on a night out in 2008, and Fryer was soon taking advantage of Miss Hampson, who struggled emotionally after her father John, 77, being was diagnosed with cancer.

‘My entire life has been shattered into thousands of tiny pieces and my soul feel broken. I hate him for what he did to me’

Miss Hampson was drinking more than usual but would wake up on the sofa or in bed without any knickers on and sometimes wearing nail polish or jewellery – but had no memory of falling sleep.

Fryer was arrested after he told a friend about his despicable attacks, with officers later showing the pictures to Miss Hampson and explaining that they believed he had sedated her.

Miss Hampson, who has waived her right to anonymity to speak out, said Fryer had made out she was drinking too much. She described him as a psychopath and believes he got a thrill from the confused.

Miss Hampson told the Sunday People: ‘My entire life has been shattered into thousands of tiny pieces and my soul feel broken. I hate him for what he did to me.’

Source: UK Mail

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